We merged an innovative legal practice and a legal management consulting firm, with a simple goal: solve legal problems, exploit opportunities and facilitate business growth.

Our model is simple….We are efficiency experts.


We are structured to help our clients build, grow, protect and defend their interests.

We take great pride in offering you the services of an outstanding group of professionals who are highly trained and experienced in a broad range of legal matters and legal management consulting.

Regardless of geographic location, our people work together closely and coordinate their unique combination of skills to deliver an unmatched level of service.

Advisory Board

To ensure that the Lawgistic offerings remains innovative, competitive, cutting edge, and client-focused, we gain valuable insights from our Advisory Board.

Advisory Board members provide objective advice, new ideas, identify future trends, & seek out market opportunities.

Our Story

Sometime in the last century, practicing law became less about results and more about time. Lawyers started getting paid for how long they worked on a case and not for what they actually delivered and the value they added.

But in the last decade, clients began to demand more from their lawyers: better service, greater value, and increased efficiency.

Long before the most recent economic crisis shook the legal profession to its core, we realized there were better ways for lawyers and clients to work together. That is why Lawgistic was created.


Founded on a Culture of Service, Quality and Ethics, we deliver work that meets the highest professional, ethical and business standards.

Our advice is as pragmatic and solution-oriented as is technically excellent.


Corporate responsibility supports our vision and values

We believe that giving back to the communities where we work and live brings long-term benefits to society as a whole.

Lawgistic’s Community Investment Program targets disadvantaged communities affected by social and economic exclusion in our countries of operation. We encourage and support our people to make the most of their sense of duty to the community – whether by volunteering, making a donation or providing pro bono legal services.

Our Leadership

Managing Director – luna@lawgistic.com

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