WHY LAWGISTIC | Lawgistic | Legal Consulting

The business world has various and complex challenges.

We understand that you do not need additional complexities, but practical business-oriented legal solutions.

That is why we have eliminated the antiquated pyramid staffing model to ensure that you have the right people, doing the right thing, in the right place and at the right moment.

We combine the personal service, collaboration, and agility of a high-end boutique law firm, with the multidisciplinary global reach of an international firm.

We believe that Legal industry participants must start thinking like entrepreneurs. We do it by offering:

Efficiency: Tools, processes, and other best-in-class legal resources are utilized to make businesses run faster, simpler and more efficiently.

Experience: Seasoned lawyers and business professionals bringing decades of front-line legal consulting experience.

Perspective: Clear understanding of the unique relationship between business and the law.

Approach: Practical methodologies to develop and execute complex projects.

Our service is always guided by our obsession with an ‘in-house corporate philosophy’ which puts us at the heart of your business and allows us to be highly strategic in our approach.

Lawgistic provides a refreshingly different approach to law, by responding to client’s demands for resourcing flexibility, budget transparency and quality lawyers and consultants who understand their business


Lawgistic member firms have a long standing reputation for helping clients to address legal needs with legal solutions, including complex transactional and cross border issues.

Skilled and experienced Lawgistic lawyers work together with other Lawgistic professionals in tax, consulting, and financial advisory to guide you through your project in a coordinated way around the world.

Lawgistic is able to provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions as well as offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of some routine legal activities.

For general inquiries regarding Lawgistic services or generally to discuss how we can help your organization, please contact Juan Carlos Luna, Managing Director, Legal Services Operations, by email at info@lawgistic.com, or by telephone at +1 832 431 3255.

“Lawgistic Legal” means the legal practices of Lawgistic Ltd- Co. member firms or their affiliates that provide legal services internationally. For legal and regulatory reasons, not all member firms provide legal services